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GEMÜ 1235/1236 

GEMÜ 1235 / 1236

Electrical Position Indicators
`Hi Visibility´ for better Process Control

The GEMÜ 1235 /1236 intelligent position indicator is much improved now after a redesign which provides a huge increase in functions for the same price. Its integration into IO-Link compatibility extends the communication and diagnosis capabilities. The new generation of the GEMÜ 1235 intelligent position indicator is equipped with luminous high visibly LEDs which can be observed by personnel even over long distances. In the new version, as well as the usual OPEN-CLOSED position indication additional LEDs are integrated for device diagnosis and optical error feedback. With a diameter of 60mm and height between 65 and 112mm (for the larger DN size valves) the product is almost unrivalled in its compact form.
As well as being programmable by lifting and turning the switchbox to enter its program mode for setup, by using the Speed-AP function (Speed Assembly and Programming) the position indicator allows initialization and activation of the switch point programming remotely from a control room. This is achieved fully automatically after installation via the `remote programming input´ Pin 5 of the 5 pin DIN plug connection without even opening the housing. Programming errors are therefore excluded and process safety is guaranteed. When all installed 1235 units are linked to a plc they can all be programmed remotely `at the same time´ if required.


IO-Link Interface
The 1235 position indicator contains an IO-Link interface. This is the latest new instrument communication standard which allows simplified installation and commissioning, automatic parameterization and extensive diagnosis of sensors and actuators at the field level.
Via IO-Link a considerable number of diagnostic capabilities are possible. So for example a programming error will be clearly specified, short circuits will be identifed and any system communication interruptions or communication breakdown can be fed to the control room. Via IO-Link the switching cycles of each GEMÜ 1235 can also be counted very simply and can easily be readout and used, for example for the determination of service and maintenance scheduling.

Technical Data

  • For linear actuators with max. 75 mm stroke
  • Protection class to EN 60529: IP 67
  • Electrical protection class: III
  • Mounting position: optional
  • Mounting: M16 x 1 thread
  • Electrical connection: M12 5-pin circular plug
  • Housing material GEMÜ 1235: transparent PP and PVDF Housing material GEMÜ 1236: transparent PP and stainless steel 1.4301 (1236)
  • Power supply: 24 V DC (18 V - 30 V DC) Current consumption: typ. 30 mA with high visibility LEDs, 10 mA without high visibility LEDs